Top Tips When Preparing For A Holiday

The time has reached to take a holiday and rest from the job and other errands in life. No one is looking forward to having any challenges during the holiday, and therefore, thorough preparations are prudent. In fact, it is highly recommended that people should start preparing early enough to avoid any last minute rush. The tips discussed below are helpful and following them will give you great success.

Top tips when preparing for a holiday

Prepare a checklist

fghfghgfhfghgfhgfhfghOnce the holiday is near, one of your best friends should be a checklist which is prepared early in advance. Imagine forgetting the inhaler and only realizing it when in a cottage many miles away from the nearest shop. This could be prevented by sitting down and listing all the items you need. If need be, brainstorm with other people you are taking a holiday with, like the family members and friends so that all items are covered.


Every holiday requires some form of shopping. One of the items you may need to shop is a travel luggage. Choosing a convenient one in size and material will significantly make your holiday easier especially if hopping from one destination to another. Kofferfuchs will help you compare some of the best travel luggage to make your holiday a memorable one. Other things to be bought may include clothes, shoes and other accessories.


Most of the holidays involve some form of bookings like the accommodations and the transport modes. Most holidays have been ruined in the past as people failed to make an early booking. You do not want to go round with luggage and family looking for a nights accommodation at the last minute. Therefore, it is good to secure the flight tickets and hotel rooms early – which is cheaper any. With the online booking engines, then this can easily be done from the comfort of your home.


fgfghgfhgfhgfhgfhPacking is another problematic area especially for people who do not know what to carry and what to live. It is highly recommended that people start packing a week before and follow a clearly made checklist. When the family is involved, it is easier for people to have their travel luggage for the organization to avoid forgetting necessary items. Some of the most important to pack early are the travel documents like the passport, visa, and necessary vaccination certificates.


Before the departure date, it is prudent to confirm that all preparations are set including the bookings and the necessities. Every little thing matters when it comes to traveling.…

Arctic Return Adventure Tour – ARAT homepage

On 14th March 1895, two explorers Fridtjof Nansen and Hjalmar Johansen left their icebound ship Fram and set out on skies for the North Pole. They didn’t make it to the pole, but their journey became one of the most epics, what polar history has ever seen. After latitude 86°14′ North they abandoned the attempt and retreat southwards, eventually reaching Franz Josef Land. Yet, the one of the initial plans was to reach land north of Svalbard, somewhere to the Seven Islands (Sjuøyane). This would have become better argument, when these two would have make it to the pole.

“But let’s say, return trip takes 50 days. If everything has gone well, we set the course to Seven Islands, north of Spitsbergen…”

Fridtjof Nansen


Two friends, Audun Tholfsen and Timo Palo, now have a dream to take this scenario number two – if…these two brave men would have tried to return back to the Spitsbergen. After being air dropped at the geographical North Pole, we will face to south and have to get back home. Like Nansen and his so called “burning bridges” strategy would have said: there is no way back, but only forward (Fram)! We hope to make it to the first land within 50 days. On the land of Nordaustlandet (northeast island of the archipelago) we have placed out depot, after what we will continue towards the south until to Longyearbyen (the biggest settlement in Svalbard). We prepare for about 1400 kilometers before seeing home, but ice drift and weather can unpredictably change it.


Click on the map to get full-sized preview of the route!

base map source: CIA – Central Intelligence Agency



Aqua MODIS image from the Arctic Ocean in late June 2010. This is the time we should get on land. Pay attention to the sea ice pattern and fragments to get an idea what we might face up to!
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MODIS image from NASA’s Earth Observatory page


29. January 2012

As we are very much dependent of the sea ice conditions, then we keep now our fingers crossed for the best in spring!

You could notice, that most of the times North coast of Spitsbergen, where is our landing zone, is ice free. This ice free zone is caused by the West Spitsbergen Current, what drives warm Atlantic water along the West coast northward.

Sea ice maps from University of Bremen

Spreen, G., L. Kaleschke, and G.Heygster(2008), Sea ice remote sensing using AMSR-E 89 GHz channels J. Geophys. Res.,vol. 113, C02S03, doi:10.1029/2005JC003384.…