Sights And Attractions In Scandinavia

Ask those who have been to Scandinavia, and they will confirm that there are lots of things to see and do. Right from natural sites to man-made things, Scandinavia has a lot to brag about. In fact, it is only after you get to the best Scandinavian tours that you can believe it all about what is written about this great part of the world. If you are planning this year’s holiday and you are yet to decide on your destination, here are sights and attractions in Scandinavia that would make your choice easy:

Must-see attractions

The Rapa River

In Sweden, the Rapa River is a sight to behold. It stretches for over 75 km before it ends aSWASDxdinto Lake Tjaktjajaure. For all that run it is dotted with spectacular landscape. It gets better as the river makes entry into the lake as it forms Laitaure Delta. Due to its untouched wilderness and the landscape, it is referred to the “Alaska of Europe.”


Lapland in Finland

Thanks to the geography around here, nature has been diversified. Finland is mostly covered by Taiga, and the northern part lies into the Arctic Circle. During winter, visitors are treated to the spectacular Aurora borealis since here you are in the middle of the Aurora zone. It is in this place that you will find the village of Rovaniemi, where Santa house is located. Here is where most tourists from all corners of the world come to see and have a perfect time.

The Troll Wall in Norway

Here you will find the Trolltintene Mountain. The best part of it is the presence of Romsdalen Valley. This combination of a valley and mountain forms a wall, which is 3,600 feet (1,100 meters). This is a good spot for base jumpers and climbers. At the top of the wall, you can see all the beauty right from the land into the sky. It is a breathtaking experience, and you may decide to extend your holiday to keep coming here.

Lofoten in Norway

This archipelago on the north of Norway is not only beautiful but unique. You will be amazed despite the fact that Lofoten is in the middle of the Arctic Circle, the climate is rather mild. Marine life is something that will keep you occupied, not to mention the fact that here is where you will find the biggest and deepest coral reef in the world. For hiking, biking, and surfing, here is where you should make your first stop.

The Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde-Denmark

asDsASxwDViking is a center for the Danish history and culture. To get a glimpse of what the 11th century Viking used to be, visiting the Viking ship museum is a date you must make. You will see vessels and artifacts the strong men of the north used to make. The museum is laden with rich history, and you will leave here the wiser.

You see, Scandinavia should have been in your bucket list long time ago. But now that you know make it this year’s holiday destination. The promise for significant sites and attractions is a solid one. There is a lot to see, and you can spice that up with the long of things to do.…